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Aujourd’hui — 27 juin 2022Phoronix

Linux 5.19-c4 - A Bit Bigger, Also Fixes A Previously Reported Performance Regression

27 juin 2022 à 00:07
Linus Torvalds just released Linux 5.19-rc4 as the newest weekly test candidate. There are more patches this week than in the prior Linux 5.19-rc versions but nothing too scary as well as having some notable patches in tow...
Hier — 26 juin 2022Phoronix

liburing 2.2 Released For Easier IO_uring Usage On Linux

26 juin 2022 à 18:07
Jens Axboe, Linux storage expert and IO_uring lead developer, released liburing 2.2 this weekend as the newest version of this helper library that makes it easier for user-space software to make use of the Linux kernel's IO_uring support...

NVIDIA Lands AV1 VDPAU Hardware Acceleration In FFmpeg

26 juin 2022 à 11:44
NVIDIA has contributed support to the FFmpeg multimedia library for being able to take advantage of AV1 GPU-accelerated video decoding by way of the VDPAU API when using the latest-generation NVIDIA RTX 30 "Ampere" GPUs...

Microsoft's CBL-Mariner 2.0 Linux Distro Now Supports Kernel Live Patching, PXE Boot

26 juin 2022 à 11:14
Last month Microsoft issued the first production release of CBL-Mariner 2.0, its in-house Linux distribution used for powering services from Microsoft Azure to WSL use-cases and more. CBL-Mariner 2.0 this weekend saw a rather large monthly update with a number of fixes, package updates, and new additions to this "Common Base Linux" platform...

Shotcut 22.06 Video Editor Adds Support For Lottie Animations, Filter Improvements

26 juin 2022 à 11:07
Shotcut remains one of the leading open-source, cross-platform video editors built atop the MLT Multimedia Framework with FFmpeg. Out this week is Shotcut 22.06 as the newest feature update to this non-linear video editing solution...
À partir d’avant-hierPhoronix

Fedora CoreOS Hopes To Become An Official Edition With Fedora 37

25 juin 2022 à 21:54
For the Fedora 37 cycle Fedora CoreOS is hoping to be promoted to an official release "edition" alongside the likes of Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server...

Open-Source VIA Graphics Driver Hopes To Be Mainlined For Linux 5.20

25 juin 2022 à 12:09
2022 is certainly looking to be interesting on the open-source graphics driver front... You probably didn't have Imagination publishing an open-source PowerVR Vulkan driver on your 2022 bingo card nor NVIDIA working on an open-source GPU kernel driver. The latest 2022 surprise is the OpenChrome driver project is hoping to finally be mainlined in Linux 5.20 for open-source VIA graphics for those still running vintage VIA x86 hardware...

Zstd Compression Being Eyed For Use Within LLVM

25 juin 2022 à 11:35
LLVM developers are eyeing Zstandard "Zstd" use within this compiler stack as a secondary compression method to Zlib. Zstd could be used for compressing ELF debug sections, AST data structures, and other purposes within this open-source compiler stack...

EndeavourOS 22.6 "Artemis" Released With Improved Arm Support, WirePlumber In Use

25 juin 2022 à 11:21
While Arch Linux itself is quite easy to get setup these days thanks to Archinstall for a quick installation process and sane defaults, for those looking for a nice and polished experience EndeavourOS remains one of the nice Arch-based desktop Linux distributions...

KDE Fixed Many Bugs With Plasma 5.25.1, More Fixes On The Way

25 juin 2022 à 11:06
KDE released Plasma 5.25.1 this week with the first batch of bug fixes to the Plasma 5.25 desktop while yet more fixes are coming down the pipe to Plasma and other KDE software components...

Linus Torvalds' Latest Commentary Against -O3'ing The Linux Kernel

24 juin 2022 à 20:44
This shouldn't be too surprising considering some of Linus Torvalds past commentary about compiler optimizations and bad experiences long ago with GCC, but Linus Torvalds is not interested in seeing a tunable Kconfig option for using the -O3 compiler optimization level for building the Linux kernel without substantial justification...

D3Cold-Off Power Savings Being Prepped For Intel's Linux Driver For Arc Graphics

24 juin 2022 à 19:53
Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver developers remain very busy preparing the open-source driver stack for Arc Graphics DG2/Alchemist hardware. While much of the base enablement work is complete and now with Linux 5.19 the compute support is even exposed to user-space, one of the areas seeing more work in recent times has been around power management...

Linux Full Disk Encryption Performance For The AMD Ryzen 7 PRO / HP Dev One

24 juin 2022 à 15:09
One of the great defaults when installing Pop!_OS or receiving a pre-loaded laptop/desktop from System76 or the new HP Dev One is that it encourages full-disk encryption and prominently shown during the install process. I highly recommend full-disk encryption especially for laptops. As it's been a few years since running benchmarks looking at the overhead of LUKS encryption, here are some benchmarks of Pop!_OS 22.04 on the HP Dev One with the full disk encryption enabled and then a fresh install without encryption.

Fedora 37 Looks To Ship With Stratis Storage 3.1 Support

24 juin 2022 à 12:16
While many Red Hat open-source projects end up being relatively instant successes that then end up being widely adopted in the open-source community, Red Hat's Stratis Storage effort seems to be trending as one of the exceptions. Red Hat continues investing in Stratis but it doesn't seem to have the sizable adoption or widespread interest that tends to come with most of their projects. In any event, Fedora 37 later this year should ship with the newest Stratis tech...

Google's Linux Kernel Build For Stadia Adds NVIDIA Driver Support

24 juin 2022 à 11:40
Google's Stadia cloud gaming service since its 2019 launch has relied upon custom Vega-based GPUs in their Linux servers but now it looks like they may be quietly transitioning to using NVIDIA GPUs...

Chrome 104 Beta Brings WebGL Canvas Color Management, Removing Legacy Bits

24 juin 2022 à 11:20
Following this week's Chrome 103 release, Google has now promoted Chrome 104 to beta...

Ubuntu Developers Have An Idea For Handling The Over-Eager Systemd OOMD App Killing

24 juin 2022 à 01:06
With the recent release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS it is shipping systemd-oomd by default on their desktop for trying to better handle low-memory / out-of-memory situations. However, in real-world use systemd-oomd is too easily killing user-space applications like Firefox and Chrome when approaching memory pressure. This is a poor Ubuntu 22.04 user experience but the developers now have an idea for their approach to addressing this solution...

Fedora 37 Weighing Change To Improve Profiling/Debugging But With Possible Performance Cost

23 juin 2022 à 20:30
Fedora developers are weighing adding an option to the default compilation flags for Fedora 37 that can enhance the performance profiling and debug-ability of generated packages but possible performance overhead implications -- possibly a few percent based on prior figures...

Java Benchmarks: OpenJDK 8 Through OpenJDK 19 EA, OpenJ9, GraalVM CE

23 juin 2022 à 14:33
Stemming from a recent reader request around seeing some fresh OpenJDK performance benchmarks, here are benchmarks of OpenJDK 9 through OpenJDK 18 plus the early access OpenJDK 19 builds. Additionally, OpenJ9 and GraalVM CE were tossed in as alternative implementations.