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Aujourd’hui — 16 juin 2021Phoronix

AMD EPYC 7343 / EPYC 7443 Linux Performance

16 juin 2021 à 14:00
Since the AMD EPYC 7003 "Milan" series launch back in March we have carried out many benchmarks with their flagship processors like the EPYC 7763 and 7713 processors and some of the frequency optimized SKUs, but what about the performance lower down the product stack? Up for benchmarking today is a look at the AMD EPYC 7343 and 7743 processors in 1P and 2P configurations against other AMD EPYC Milan processors as well as Intel's Xeon Platinum 8380 Ice Lake processors.

Fedora Cloud 35 Approved To Use Btrfs By Default

16 juin 2021 à 12:00
Last month plans were published for Fedora Cloud 35 to use the Btrfs file-system by default, similar to Fedora Workstation using Btrfs by default for several releases. That plan has now been signed off on by FESCo allowing for this change to happen...

SUSE Linux Enterprise / openSUSE Leap Pursuing x86_64-v2 Optimized Libraries

16 juin 2021 à 11:11
In addition to the rolling-release openSUSE Tumbleweed looking at HWCAPS / x86-64 feature levels for being able to provide greater out-of-the-box performance by selectively loading more tuned libraries depending upon the CPU in use, SUSE Linux Enterprise / openSUSE Leap are also looking at offering similar functionality that may turn up in time for the next point release / service pack...

VirtIO-GPIO Guest Driver Updated For The Linux Kernel

16 juin 2021 à 10:00
There has been a number of new VirtIO driver additions recently to the Linux kernel like for sound and Bluetooth for the expanding VirtIO specification while one still in the works for mainlining is the GPIO guest driver...

GNU C Library Lands Year 2038 Handling For Legacy ABIs

16 juin 2021 à 06:00
The GNU C Library (Glibc) saw another batch of Year 2038 "Y2038" preparations on Tuesday for the Unix timestamp for when the time since 1 January 1970 can no longer be stored in a signed 32-bit integer...

Systemd 249-rc1 Released With Many New Features

16 juin 2021 à 02:22
The first release candidate of systemd 249 is now available for testing with yet more new and improved features...
Hier — 15 juin 2021Phoronix

Alpine Linux 3.14 Released With Many Package Updates For This Lightweight Distro

15 juin 2021 à 22:00
A new version of Alpine Linux is now available for this distribution that's popular for container use and other environments requiring a small footprint or those simply preferring its Busybox + Musl libc usage...

Intel Xe Graphics Squeeze Out More Linux Performance By Flushing Less

15 juin 2021 à 20:26
Intel's "Gen12" Xe Graphics should be performing marginally better with next quarter's Mesa 21.2 feature release for its open-source ANV Vulkan driver...

Left 4 Dead 2 Updated With Vulkan Rendering Via DXVK, Many Other Improvements

15 juin 2021 à 19:46
Similar to Portal 2 getting Vulkan rendering support earlier this year by leveraging DXVK to convert Direct3D calls to Vulkan, Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 has now received similar treatment alongside a big update out today...

DXVK 1.9 Brings Conservative Rasterization For Running Direct3D Games On Linux

15 juin 2021 à 19:09
A new release of DXVK is available for running Direct3D 9/10/11 games over the Vulkan API that is most notably used by Steam Play (Proton) for allowing many Windows games to run gracefully on Linux...

NVIDIA Launches The Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Module

15 juin 2021 à 18:00
Given the success and popularity of their Jetson AGX developer board, NVIDIA has now launched the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Module that is a rugged, module-based version of the AGX Xavier intended for various industrial / manufacturing / construction use-cases...

Mesa's New "Crocus" OpenGL Driver Is Performing Well For Old Intel Hardware

15 juin 2021 à 15:30
Landing this week in Mesa 21.2's development code is Crocus Gallium3D providing a new Intel OpenGL driver for i964 "Gem4" through Haswell "Gen7" graphics. While even Haswell graphics are showing their age these days, I couldn't help but to fire up a few benchmarks seeing how this new Crocus open-source OpenGL driver performs against the existing "i965" classic open-source driver for Linux systems.

GravityMark Launches As Cross-API Graphics Benchmark From Former Unigine Dev

15 juin 2021 à 14:32
There's a new, cross-platform, cross-API graphics benchmark out there that is free to download and focused on delivering maximum GPU acceleration support when rendering hundreds of thousands of objects...

Noctua Launches NH-P1 As High-End Passive CPU Cooler

15 juin 2021 à 12:12
For those that have been wanting to build a passively cooled PC or at least keeping the number of fans to a minimum, Noctua just officially announced the NH-P1 as their high-end passive cooler. It's a massive heatsink but aims to be able to cool higher-end AMD and Intel desktop processors...

GNU C Library Looking To Drop FSF Copyright Assignment Policy

15 juin 2021 à 12:00
The GCC compiler has long had a requirement that all contributors assign their copyright to the Free Software Foundation. Recently GCC dropped that copyright assignment policy and now the GNU C Library is looking at making a similar move...

Intel Working On Updating Its GuC, Still Aiming To Transition To This Firmware-Based Scheduling

15 juin 2021 à 11:45
In addition to a lot of movement right now within the Intel kernel graphics driver around memory management handling for local memory / discrete GPUs, another big and ongoing area is improving the job submission and workload scheduling by making proper use of its GuC firmware capabilities and also integrating the DRM scheduler...

Debian 11 "Bullseye" Installer RC2 Released

15 juin 2021 à 08:00
The second release candidate of the Debian Installer for the upcoming 11.0 "Bullseye" release is now available for testing...

The "Memory Folios" Work Continues - Improving Linux Performance, 7% Faster Kernel Builds

15 juin 2021 à 02:00
Matthew Wilcox of Oracle today sent out his latest patch series implementing the new "memory folios" type for the Linux kernel in an effort to improve Linux memory management and allow for better efficiency that ultimately translates into measurable performance gains...
À partir d’avant-hierPhoronix

Intel M.2 Modem Driver "IOSM" Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.14

14 juin 2021 à 22:30
As part of Intel's new M.2 modem push for EVO laptops and Chromebooks, open-source Intel engineers have been working on "IOSM" as their new M.2 modem driver and this code which has been in the works for months is set to see its debut with the Linux 5.14 cycle...