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Aujourd’hui — 8 juin 2023Phoronix

Intel's Habana Gaudi 2 Accelerator Linux Driver In Good Shape

8 juin 2023 à 16:25
Since June of last year shortly after Intel announced the Gaudi 2 AI accelerator they began posting the open-source driver patches for Gaudi 2 with the mainline Habana Labs driver. That support landed in Linux 6.0 and since then they've continued refining that support for this new processor support for deep learning training and inference workloads...

FFmpeg Adds Support For Animated JPEG-XL

8 juin 2023 à 12:37
In addition to Apple revealing this week support is coming for the JPEG-XL image format in their Safari web browser, another step forward for this royalty-free image codec is FFmpeg now able to decode animated JPEG-XL files...
Hier — 7 juin 2023Phoronix

Linux 6.5 VirtIO GPU DRM Driver Adding Sync Object uAPI For Vulkan

7 juin 2023 à 12:35
Queued via drm-misc-next and now on its way to DRM-Next ahead of the upcoming Linux 6.5 cycle is support in the VirtIO GPU DRM driver for the synchronization object user-space API. This is important for Vulkan and is working with the Venus/Virgl driver context as well as Intel/AMDGPU/Freedreno native contexts too...

OpenZFS 2.1.12 Released With Linux 6.3 Compatibility

7 juin 2023 à 11:48
OpenZFS 2.1.12 is now available as the latest version of this out-of-tree ZFS file-system kernel driver that works on Linux now with the latest 6.3 kernel stable series all the way back to the v3.10 kernel. Plus OpenZFS 2.1.12 also works on FreeBSD 12.2 and newer...
À partir d’avant-hierPhoronix

RADV+Zink vs. RadeonSI OpenGL Performance On Mesa 23.2-devel

6 juin 2023 à 18:20
It's been a while since last looking at the Zink performance for this OpenGL implementation built atop the Vulkan APIs, but with all of the Zink progress by Valve's Mike Blumenkrantz and others, here is a fresh round of testing. This article is seeing how for Mesa Git the performance of Zink on the RADV Vulkan driver compares to that of the native RadeonSI driver while testing with both the Radeon RX 7600 and RX 7900 XTX graphics cards.